Participation – Why SKL invests in citizen dialogues and Municipal partnerships

Lena Langlet is responsible for citizen dialogues at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SKL. She has identified a number of reasons why citizen dialogues are vital to Swedish municipalities and county councils.

Participation – A deeper understanding of the past builds a better future

Kalmar County Museum has developed a time travel methodology used by the Kalmar County regional federation and the Cape Winelands District in South Africa as part of their municipal partnership.

Participation – Criticism paved the way for dialogue

Hörby municipality’s partnership project with Peja municipality in Kosovo taught them the value of citizen dialogue.

Participation – Ale and Ghanzi are keen to see increased public involvement

Ale municipality already has a tradition of citizen dialogues, but has entered into a partnership with Ghanzi District Council in Botswana in order to further develop this approach.

Participation – Citizen dialogues are a must in handling today’s societal problems

Hans Abrahamsson on why globalisation, migration, and urbanisation require new democratic structures.

Applications for research support is now closed

Swedish and Russian researchers were encouraged to apply for funding of research into Swedish and Russian local government. This call is now closed.

24 new international partnerships for Swedish municipalities

Växjö and Tlokwe in South Africa are working to improve ways in which measures targeting vulnerable families are coordinated. A partnership between three municipalities – Ale in Sweden, Budesti in Moldova, and Ghanzi in Botswana – will involve working together to improve young people’s participation potential, not only in schools but across society as a whole.

Theory meets practice in our Advisory Group

All of ICLD’s operations are based on facts and knowledge. Linking an Advisory Group made up of international and Swedish researchers to the Knowledge Centre allows ICLD to keep up to date with the latest research findings in the fields of local democracy and decentralisation.

Well, to whom DOES the budget process belong?

For a change agent there are a lot of challenges. Especially when it comes to trying to change well-cemented structures like the budget processes in a patriarchal society. Someone who has had her fair share of meeting these challenges, is Rozeta Aleksov. One of the 25 participants in the second round of the International Training Programme “Local Democracy and Social Sustainability with a Gender Perspective”.

Effective Solid Waste management in Haldwani

A solid waste management system in Haldwani, state of Uttrakhand in India, started off as a project for change by Neeraj Joshi. Neeraj attended the ICLD international training programme Decentralization and Good Governance with a Gender Perspective in 2012-2013. Now it is the only one project sanctioned in Uttrakhand by the government of India.