International Training Programmes

ICLD’s training programmes are aimed at decision-makers and administrative officials in ICLD partner countries, whether they work in the public sector, within local and regional governmental organisations or voluntary organisations. ICLD training programs give participants the opportunity to learn new skills, experience and methodologies in the field of local democracy development. There are at the moment five ongoing programmes. Learn about the programmes below.

ITP programmes within networks

In a network, ICLD clusters partnerships with similar topics to provide deepened support through research and joint tailored training to a team of three people from each partner organization, throughout the project phase. In many cases a mentor is appointed each partnership.

The training component aims to empower the partnerships, and the local governments generally, on the topic of the Network and promote successful results in the projects. Each training team shall include the following functions: Two civil servants among one decision-maker and preferably one representative from a civil society organization cooperating with the local administration on the topic. However, preferred composition may vary between different programmes. The team is nominated by their organization. They are usually members of the partnership’s project team but can also be other participants within the organization if deemed relevant for good results of the project.

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