International Training Programmes

The overall goal of ICLD’s training programmes is to contribute to poverty alleviation by strengthening local governments

ICLD’s training programmes are aimed at decision-makers and administrative officials in Swedish partner countries, whether they work in the public sector, within local and regional governmental organisations or voluntary organisations. The opportunity for the participants to learn from Swedish cutting edge skills, experience and methodologies in the field of local democracy development is what lies at the heart of the training programmes. There is, however, another goal, namely the creation of long-term networks and partnerships between Swedish partner countries and between the participants and Swedish stakeholders. 

There are different programmes, all of which are provided free of charge for the participants and the participants’ travel costs is financed by ICLD. Learn about the programmes below.

Local mentors’ role in ITP:s

In most of our training programmes, we have local mentors who are experts in the theme of the programme and who have an in-depth knowledge of the local context and culture. Mentors play a crucial role in providing our programme participants encouragement and support.

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