Network for Gender Equality

Gender equality is about a fair and equal distribution of power, impact, and resources and is fundamental for building a strong democracy. To live a life free from violence and discrimination is a fundamental human right and a prerequisite for creating democratic and sustainable societies where everyone is enabled to fulfil their potential.

Local governments have a crucial role to play in advancing women’s participation and influence in the local democracy. To increase women’s political representation, decrease gender-based violence, promote economic empowerment, and the equal access to education and health, are all important components in the local governments and the municipalities work for gender equality.

However, there is still a lot to be done. Currently, fewer than 5% of the world’s mayors are women and women make up an average of just 20% local councillors worldwide.

ICLD is now developing a network of local governments from Sweden, Guatemala, and Colombia working for gender equality between 2023-2026. This network will provide an international platform for local governments interested in becoming champions of gender equality and to create change.

We are now looking for municipal representatives and employees from municipalities in Colombia and Guatemala that would like to join our network and to engage in a process of change for gender equality within their local government and municipality. Joining our network would also entailing participating in one workshop in Colombia or Guatemala and one in Sweden during 2024. The possibility to apply for the municipal partnership programme with a Swedish municipality to continue the work with gender equality will be possible during 2025-2026.

Be a part of ICLD’s international gender equality network!

Express your interest to join the gender equality network by sending an email to:

Most partnerships in the network have a mentor. Read more about the mentorship

Municipalities in Guatemala:

  • Panajachel
  • Antigua
  • Ciudad de Guatemala

Municipalities in Colombia:

  • Puerto Nariño
  • Region Amazonas
  • Valle de Florida
  • Santander de Quilichau
  • Vaupes

Partnerships in the network

Umeå & Bogotá


Urban planning

Sample of ICLD’s gender equality learning tools