Our partners

ICLD trains, supports and finances programmes, projects and other activities that strengthen democracy at the local level, both in our partner countries and in Sweden. We believe in the importance of global partnerships (SDG 17) and the collaboration with key actors around the world. Therefore, to succeed in this, we need to collaborate with many  representatives and organizations.

Municipalities and regions

Municipalities and regions are our main partners and our most important partners. It is local politicians and officials who can influence and change the development of democracy at the local level. Read more about our municipal partnerships.

Research and partner universities

ICLD cooperates with universities in our partner countries to strengthen and support democratic development. We work with partner universities to enhance a dialogue between researchers and local governments, finance research and jointly collect data on local democracy. Read more about the universities we have signed MoUs with.

Other important partners

In our international training programmes, we train local politicians, officials and community based organizations. We partly build up the programs together with various partners. We are currently collaborating with the following partners in our training programmes:

  • UNCDF (Finance programme)
  • Gender Links, Zimbabwe and Midland State University, Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe Leadership programme)
  • SKL International – (Symbio City programme)
  • SALAR – (Women’s Political Leadership programme)

UCLG, DeLog, Glokala Sverige (SKR och FN-Förbundet) Raoul Wallenberg Institutet, IDEA