ICLD creates opportunities for youth influence

The municipal partnership between Gothenburg City and Nelson Mandela Bay has been going on for over 20 years with many different projects. Since 2013 there is also a youth project in the partnership. Here, youth are given the opportunity to present to their respective politicians the challenges they are experiencing in their cities as well as their needs and wishes.

Sinuvovuyo Mnyonda, is one of the South African participants in the youth project. He says that the project meant a big change for him.

I understand now that the politicians can really listen to us! he says

One of the Swedish youth is Elin Eide Agnarsson. She thinks it is valuable that politicians want their views and thinks there should be more young people taking the chance to influence local decision-making.

– These are hands that are stretched out to us, we have to use that chance, says Elin.
At the same time, she points out how important it is for politicians to take care of the views and wishes that come from the young people who take the chance to make a difference.

Debbie Hendricks, who is one of the project managers in the youth project.

The youth project, which is a sub-project within the entire Municipal Partnership between Gothenburg and Nelson Mandela Bay, is in the final phase. Debbie Hendricks, who is one of the project managers, says that one of the major learnings from the project is that the politicians need to find new ways to communicate with young people on their terms.
– We have to go to the youth. They will not come to the city hall! says Debbie.

Facts about the youth project between the City of Gothenburg – Nelson Mandela Bay

  • The Municipal Partnership between the City of Gothenburg and Nelson Mandela Bay has been going on for over 20 years.
  • There is a new youth project where young people from both Nelson Mandela Bay and Gothenburg present the challenges they experience in their cities to their respective politicians.

It is precisely this type of interaction and responsibility that we want to be done within the framework of the partnerships, says Anders Falkemo, from ICLD. Read more about theyouth project.