Network for Climate Action

Municipal Partnerships focusing on Climate Action

The next decade will decide the future for humanity. Local governments have an important role in combining local needs with global climate goals, and weigh trade-offs of different actions by engaging citizens, civil society and business. By involving different interests, local governments can develop collective actions to mitigate climate change.

Joining an ICLD Municipal Partnership allows local governments to carry out a project over three years on a theme that relates to Climate Action at a local level. This can involve for example projects that focus on increasing citizen influence within waste management, water supply, public transport, or urban planning to name a few. The municipalities themselves decide the theme, and it can relate to an important local issue, an ongoing multi-year assignment or a development strategy.

This network is currently open for applications.

Timeframe: 2022- 2025
Countries: Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa

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