Research funding

ICLD issues two types of research calls: research projects spanning over a year or longer, and shorter commissioned research projects usually in collaboration with local governments. ICLD’s research is participatoryaction-oriented, and meets local governments’ needs and realities. It contributes to a publication series of research reports, working papers, policy briefs, and educational material such as toolboxes, handbooks and pedagogical learning cases.

Application and reporting

Applications for research grants, fieldwork grants and other are submitted through ICLD:s application/reporting portal.
Reports for active and completed projects are also submitted through the portal.

Active calls

ICLD currently has four calls open to new partners.

Deadline 24 June
Deadline 18 August
 Deadline 18 August
Deadline 18 August

ICLD currently has two calls aimed at researchers who have participated in a Local Democracy Lab.


Clara Orstadius
Research Officer

Previous calls

Previous and ongoing research projects

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