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Political Will for Anti-Corruption Reform: Communicative pathways to collective action in Ukraine
Marcia Grimes
Oksana Huss
Oleksandra Keudel
Why do some local public authorities engage in meaningful and sustained anti-corruption efforts while elsewhere …
Making Participatory Budgeting work: our money, our voice!
Carla de Paiva Bezerra
Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a democratic innovation that strengthens local democracy by including citizens in …
Citizens Budget: Make the budget understandable for every citizen
Dragan Tevdovski
Elena Trpkovska
Jovana Nikolovska
Viktor Mitevski
A Citizen’s budget is a short document that shows the budget of local government in …
Workbook for project planning
In this workbook, we lay out a multi-step process for doing this kind of deep …
Drainage Politics: Flood Management in Surabaya, Indonesia
Yogi Setya Permana
This learning case sets out in a city prone to natural disasters, and explores how …
Equitable Health: a far-away dream for young girls and women in Uganda?
Danny Gotto
This case reveals the reproductive health challenges young people face in Uganda that predispose them …
The right to health in Uganda – addressing the tension between duty bearers and rights holders to acheive equitable health
Danny Gotto
This scenario highlights the health inequities in Uganda’s healthcare system. It brings out the contention …
Research report: Whose voice matters? Inclusion in local decision-making in Kenya and Lebanon
Hanna Leonardsson
Jean-Bosco Habyarimana
This research report compares how local inclusion and participation is connected to citizen influence in …
Institutional Collaboration for Developing Local Democracy: A Literature Review
Helena Iacobaeus
Philippa Barnes
This literature review presents findings from earlier research on institutional collaboration for developing local democracy. …
Peer learning in partnerships – toolbox
The objective of peer-learning in ICLD networks (including team visits) and partnerships is the transfer …
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