Local Democracy Talks

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19 March 2024
Local Democracy Talks in Colombia

Previous talks:

14 September 2023
Local Democracy Talk: Morality Policies

5 April 2023
The double-edged sword of participation in post-conflict contexts (research presentation)

8 March 2023
Local Democracy Talk: Feminist Mayors = Cities for all

6 March 2023
Who’s in Charge? Local Democracy Talks in Gaborone

17 November 2022
Local Democracy Talk: The Future We Imagine

17 May 2022
Democracy and security in Ukraine:  Unpacking local resilience and prospects for reconstruction 

24 March 2022
Local Governments in Ukraine: constraints and opportunities for peace and democracy

21 October 2021
How do we increase women’s political participation and leadership inTanzania?

15 September
Participatory Climate Action: Local Government Innovations

6 July 2021
If youth activist rule our cities?  From fridays for future to the city council

5 July 2021
Ungdomsmakt eller demokratikollaps ( in Swedish)

27 May 2021
Participatory Budget: Let Citizens Decide

2 March 2021
“If gender champions rule our cities: Key policies to create a more equal world from below” 
The talk was organised in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi and UCLG Africa. Read more

About Local Democracy Talks

Inspired by the Swedish foreign policy initiative, “Drive for Democracy”, ICLD organises live streamed high-level political panels called “Local Democracy Talks”. The aim of the talks is to create a constructive dialogue and exchange of experiences among leading local politicians to strengthen democratic governance. These talks are key in our efforts to make democracy resilient and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals from below. The talks are facilitated by ICLD and arranged in cooperation with Swedish Embassies, UCLG and other key partners.