Networking meeting for top politicians in Uganda

40 or so politicians from 11 countries met up in early December 2016 in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The majority of them were there at the conclusion to the ICLD course, Local Political Leaders – Capacitating Women in Politics, a leadership programme aimed at elected politicians at local and regional level. A number of Swedish politicians also attended in the capacity of mentors.

Municipal Partnerships second round of application 2019 is now open!

The second 2019 Municipal Partnership application round is now open until October 15th. Municipal Partnerships are Sida-financed and designed to contribute to the development of well, and efficiently functioning, democratic local authorities in both the partner countries and Sweden.

MPP training 2018 – Registration now open

The ICLD Municipal Partnership team and the Sida Partnership Forum, would like to invite you to a three day long MPP training course in Härnosand, Sweden on the 24-26 September 2018.

New Conception of the Citizens’ Service Center

Nino Latsabidze and some of her colleagues from Tbilisi City Hall participated in ICLDs ITP program “Local Governance with a Rights Based Approach” in 2015-2016. As part of the program they worked on a change project that aimed at developing the services towards the citizens of the capital of Georgia in multiple ways. The service model the team developed turned out to be very successful and is now replicated in other municipalities of the country.

Exchange on local democracy development

Over 60 percent of the municipal partnerships are collaborations between Swedish municipalities and their counterparts in African countries. Of those, Tanzania is one of the most common. There are many reasons for both practitioners and researchers to share experiences and challenges with each other about how the development of local democracy progresses.

Equal services for all citizens of Vracar municipality

As part of the ITP: Local Government with a Rights Based Approach – Irena Lakobrija Delic, organised a project addressing inequalities in how persons with any form of disability were treated. Irena presented her experiences at Sida’s day for ITP-organisers in Stockholm on the 26th of January.

Theory meets practice in our Advisory Group

All of ICLD’s operations are based on facts and knowledge. Linking an Advisory Group made up of international and Swedish researchers to the Knowledge Centre allows ICLD to keep up to date with the latest research findings in the fields of local democracy and decentralisation.

17th N-AERUS Conference in Gothenburg

17th N-AERUS Conference: 2016 in Gothenburg. Governing, Planning and Managing the City in an Uncertain World. Cooperative Perspectives on Everyday Practices.

Programmes focusing on sustainable urban development

Town planners from Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine are taking part in a new training programme focusing on holistic and inclusive urban development through the SymbioCity Approach.

Tbilisi – Planning of city centre using SymbioCity Approach

A team from Tbilisi City Hall – the department of urban planning, participated in the first round of International Training Programme: Enabling Local Democracy and Holistic Urban Development through the SymbioCity Approach. During the training the team developed a plan for the development of one central area in Tbilisi.