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The main objective of the ICLD Alumni Talks is to facilitate continuous structured learning, knowledge-sharing and exchange of practical experience among teams and individuals in ICLD’s programmes across the world.

The aim of the talks is to create a constructive dialogue and exchange of experiences among former participants – the ICLD Alumni (Read more about ICLD alumni at alumni.icld.se)

ICLD want to maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of our alumni and friends worldwide. We hope that the ICLD Alumni talks will contribute to this. Welcome to join!

Previous Talks:

8 December at 14.00 CET/16.00 EAT: Exploring the disconnect between Local Governments, Policy Makers and Researchers

The discussions will highlight and provide insights into challenges and opportunities available for Local Governments to link with researchers in urban development.


Welcome remarks – John Gitonga, Facilitator, ICLD Alumni East Africa


1.                       Dr Maude Dikobe, ICLD Mentor and Lecturer University of Botswana

2.                      Dr Judy Makira, ICLD Alumni, Lecturer and Researcher, Kenya

3.                       Teopolina Namandje, Former ICLD Mentor and Transport Economist, Namibia

4.                       CPA Munga Kuria, Public Financial Management Specialist, Kenya

5.                       Eng Kabwe Musonda, ICLD Alumni Coordinator, Southern Africa

Questions and Answers

Concluding Remarks

20 October at 16.00 CET: Localising the Global Goals in Africa 

Mainstreaming Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs, in local authority plans in Africa and introduction to ICLD’s work with Voluntary Local Reviews, VLR. 

This talk will cover a brief overview and discussions on the status of Sustainable Development Goals mainstreaming in local authority plans in Africa by showcasing two examples: Mufulira municipal council in Zambia and Kiambu County government in Kenya. The talk will conclude with an ICLD led introduction to the concept of Voluntary Local Reviews.

Format: 45 min digital event in Zoom webinar  
Main Target Audiences: ICLD Alumni in East Africa and Southern Africa  
Additonal target audience: Mentors; municipal partnerships and ITP participants  

16.00 Welcome remarks – John Gitonga, ICLD Alumni East Africa

  • Case study 1; East Africa City
  • Case study 2; Southern Africa City   

ICLD’s work with VLR – Anna Maria Vargas, Research Director (20min) 

  • ICLD’s work with VLRs
  • Opportunities and challenges of VLRs 
  • How VLRs can launched by a local government – and how ICLD can support the process 

Questions and Answers – Kabwe Musonda, ICLD Alumni Southern Africa

16.40 Concluding Remarks – John Gitonga