Network for Equitable Health

Three Swedish regions together with partner districts from Eastern Africa (Uganda and Kenya) form ICLD’s “Municipal Partnerships for Equitable Health” Network. They are carrying out projects that will strengthen their inhabitants’ equitable access to health and will receive additional support and training opportunities from the ICLD. 

Within the network, the municipalities receive support from experts on equitable health and researchers. The ICLD arranges joint network activities for all partnerships, which in the first year will focus especially on the role of political leaders and top managers in international partnerships.

All exchanges between the municipalities are funded by ICLD such as travel, lodging and other expenses in relation to exchange trips and network meetings. 

Timeframe: 2021- 2024
Countries: Uganda and Kenya

Partnerships in the network

Region Stockhom and Jinja


Topic: Children healthcare

Region Västerbotten and Homa Bay County


Topic: Health Governance

Region Östergötland and Uasin Guishu County


Topic: Equitable cancer care

Latest news and upcoming events

September, 2021

October, 2021

Module 1. Role and Responsibilities of Steering Groups

The first module of this programme will allow participants to discover the key elements of their commitment and deepen their knowledge on several fundamental concepts necessary for driving democracy.

October, 2021

November, 2021

Module 2. The Global Goals

The second module will introduce tools for working with agenda 2030 and different strategies for implementing and evaluating the agenda that can support participants to contribute to their mission as leaders.

November, 2021

December, 2021

Module 3. Human Rights and Democracy Dilemmas

In this session, the participants will have the opportunity to look closely into local democracy dilemmas, co-create alternative solutions and critically evaluate the solutions.

December, 2021

February, 2022

Module 4. Anti-Corruption and Accountability

This session will help participants deepen their understanding of the negative effects that corruption can generate in the health care sector. Furthermore, this will provide ways to identify and prevent corruption in the health sector.

February, 2022

March, 2022

Module 5. Leadership, Health Care and Democracy

Module 5 will briefly touch upon the importance and role of leadership in the health care sector. This session will also emphasise concepts such as participation, inclusion, and transparency in health care and how equitable health can be achieved democratically.

March, 2022

April, 2022

Open Floor Conference

The open floor conference will allow participants to have a final discussion and knowledge-sharing opportunities regarding equitable health and their role as political leaders and managers.

April, 2022

Voices from network

What does Swedish politicans and project members have to say about the network?

“In order to strengthen a democratic approach, it is critical that the principle of ´needs-based health care´ is prioritised. This project will be an important part of the work for equal care in Östergötland and in Uasin Gishu”

Kerstin Sjöberg
Regional Councillor, Region Östergötland

“Of course we cannot do anyting about the scarcity of resources through this project. However, it is still possible to increase survival and quality of life, for example through training for nurses in nursing newborns or team training to improve the care of seriously ill children”

Helena Hildenwall
Project leader and Pediatrician at Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital, Region Stockholm