Municipal partnership networks are a form of cooperation where selected municipalities receive increased support from ICLD to conduct their international projects.

Each individual partnership continues to have the opportunity to yearly peer to peer learning exchanges whilst also participating in common activities and trainings with the other partnerships in the network. There is also be the possibility for south-south knowledge exchange visits and to actively involve local civil society and universities in the partnerships.

Currently ICLD supports networks on following themes:

More partnerships – greater exchange

In the networks, Swedish municipalities/regions are matched with their respective international partner municipalities. Together, the municipalities carry out projects in any field that is related to the theme. The participating partnerships work towards defined goals within the joint projects, and the networks increase the partnerships’ knowledge and capacity to develop local democracy.

By working together in the same region, focusing on similar themes and attending training together, the participating partnerships have the opportunity to better exchange experiences.

It also allows ICLD to mobilise greater common resources to support the parties in order to create the best possible conditions for achieving the best results.

The networks operate within the framework of the Municipal Partnerships programme. More information about municipal partnerships and regulations regarding financing and other matters can be found on the partnership pages.

Support resources from ICLD within the networks

ICLD supports the partnerships in their project planning, training, communication and research integration.

ICLD provides tailored training for each network. We work with mentors and national experts from each country to provide support for systematic change work. The training is also based on the exchange of experiences and the needs identified by the participants in their local activities.

A project coordinator from ICLD is assigned to the work to act as a point of contact and to provide support in the planning and implementation of activities. A research advisor will be linked to the platform and a network of experts in the field will be offered through the ICLD network. Digital tools will be used as a hub in the work between activities and municipalities will be supported in internal and external communication.

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