Human Resources – municipal exchange around good leadership and future recruitment

The project “Human Resources – municipal exchange around good leadership and future recruitment” constitutes one-year cooperation between the City of Växjö (formal owner of the project), the Municipality of Älmhult and Tlokwe City Council (South Africa).

The overall objective of the new project is to study municipal Human Resources work (HR work) in Sweden and South Africa, in order to pinpoint current prerequisites, exchange good practices and develop the municipality as an attractive employer in a long-term perspective.

The overall objective is cut down into work within two concrete themes/focus-areas: Municipal Recruitment and Good Leadership. The practical implementation will focus concrete work and best practices related to the two focus-areas; such as internal presentations, SWOT analysis, workshops, study-visits, implementation of one sub-project during the year and arrangement of at least three HR seminars for an internal or external audience.

The work will include 6+6 participants (HR Managers, HR Strategists, HR Specialist, elected politicians) and result in qualitative as well as quantitative outputs: new knowledge, skill and competence, efficient working-methods, two international visits, one organised sub-project, identification of at least six good practices connected to the two focus-areas, meeting with at least three private actors, colouring of two municipal policy documents etc.

The implementation of the project will safeguard fundamental values of mutuality, sustainability, poverty reduction, environment and gender equality. The project applies for funds of a total budget of SEK 442 982.