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KC – Hochleithner S & Exner A (2018) - Local Government and Migration: A Review of Literature and Media Narratives with focus on West African Sahel

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Political and Social Inclusion in Asian Cities - Indonesia Case Study

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Political and Social Inclusion in Asian Cities - Vietnam Case Study

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Political and Social Inclusion in Asian Cities - India Case Study

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KC - Cheema, S (2018) Access to Urban Services for Inclusive Development in Asia

MPP application round now open

The second 2018 MPP application round is now open until October 15th. Municipal Partnerships are Sida-financed and designed to contribute to the development of well, and efficiently functioning, democratic local authorities in both the partner countries and Sweden.

15 Augusti

In Borlänge differences strengthen global goals

“We like challenges” is one of Borlänge Municipality’s core principles. The Chairman of the Municipal Executive Committee, Jan Bohman (Soc. Dem.), is looking to Kenya to build a partnership that will support the town’s numerous Somali refugees.
“It’s controversial, given the ongoing integration debate in Sweden, but we need to think outside the box. I believe differences enrich and promote creativity, and my hope is that our approach and their expertise will enrich Borlänge,” says Jan.

04 September

Municipal Partnership Programme

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Added value working with advisory experts

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Strengthen your brand by municipal funding

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"Life Without Borders" break up isolation

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Talk about local democracy focusing on women's participation.

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ICLD invites to events in Cape Town and Harare on Municipal Financing

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24 new international partnerships to boost local democracy

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KC – Blair, H (2012) Participatory Budgeting and Local Governance