Helping left-behind children

All over the world, people from rural areas are moving into the cities to build a future for themselves. In China, the escalating level of urbanisation has resulted in children being left in the countryside when their parents move to the city to work and make a living. These children are the focus of a project in which Vara municipality in Sweden and Huangshan in eastern China have developed methods of helping the children left behind handle the position in which they find themselves.

Building something that lasts

Long before there was a formal partnership between Vushtrri in Kosovo and the Swedish town of Växjö, the two towns had a connection. Around 1,000 Kosovo Albanians live in Växjö and in 2012, Vushtrri’s mayor paid a visit to the town. It was then that the plans for a joint project were hatched.

A toolbox for success

The first partnership between Gothenburg in Sweden and Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa was formed in 1999, since when a number of instructive projects have been conducted. In 2012, the two municipalities decided to take their partnership much further than ever before.