ICLD launches network for Equitable Health

Three Swedish regions together with partner districts from Eastern Africa (Uganda and Kenya), are joining ICLD’s new project network “Municipal Partnerships for Equitable Health”. They are carrying out projects that will strengthen their inhabitants’ equitable access to health and will receive additional support and training opportunities from the ICLD. 

We are determined to do all we can to support local governments in the wake of covid-19 and to ensure local democracy comes out strong after this difficult period. Our ambition is to create new opportunities for local governments to share and co-create good examples and methods on how to work with ensuring equitable access to health to well-being, in order to spread these examples to more municipalities, says Johan Lilja, Secreterary General at the ICLD

The Partnerships that have been confirmed to join the network are :

  • Region Stockholm, Sweden and Jinja District, Uganda,
  • Region Västerbotten, Sweden and Homa Bay County, Kenya,
  • Region Östergötland, Sweden and Uasin Guishu County, Kenya

Within the network, the municipalities will receive support from experts on equitable health and researchers. The ICLD will arrange joint network activities for all partnerships, which in the first year will focus especially on the role of political leaders and top managers in international partnerships. All exchanges between the municipalities are funded by ICLD such as travel, lodging and other expenses in relation to exchange trips and network meetings. 

The overall goal with the network as well as with all the work by ICLD is to strengthten democracy at the local level.

Are your municipality or region interested to join the ICLD Network for Equitable Health?
Contact Myriam Chilvers, ICLD: myriam.chilvers@icld.se