John Gitonga – an ICLD mentor

John Gitonga from Kenya is the programmes director at Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (IGS). He has been a mentor for several ICLD programmes.

John Gitonga agrees with ICLD that poverty is best fought with improved democracy. He believes that his work at the institute relates well with these ICLD core objectives: building capacities of Counties and local Governments to improve governance practices and effectively manage their environment and end poverty.

He has over 15 years of experience in organizing and implementing urban development capacity building programmes in Eastern Africa. In his work he has promoted participatory planning, improved governance and innovative approaches to sustainable development. In 2015 his institute IGS started working with ICLD. Through this interaction he learned more of ICLD core functions and activities – and offered himself to become mentor.

”I believe that my contribution in guiding projects, would enhance the capacity of individuals and institutions, and ultimately result in improved governance.”

As a mentor, John Gitonga has several tasks: offering support and guidance to the participants and their institutions, strengthen relationships between the participants and ICLD, share experience and best practices and provide useful tips and perspectives from global and local emerging trends. And through all this – offering better services to the residents and ultimately improve the lives of the people.

What he has achieved so far?
He wants to underline the increased knowledge shared with participants and their institutions – which in turn has resulted in improved democracy such as engaging stakeholders more in planning practices and co-creating activities together.

Additionally, he himself has learned a lot from ICLD programmes, by being exposed to different global and regional practices and having had interactions with the ICLD network of experts. It has greatly improved his skills and knowledge in project management.