Global talk – Local walk, SDG#5 on Gender Equality

The aim of this study is to understand the processes of implementing Sustainable Development Goal 5 on Gender Equality into policies and practices at the municipal level in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH). Our research answers the following research questions:

1) What supportive policy frameworks exist at the federal, entity, canton and municipal level in BiH to support the translation of the SDG 5 into local practices at the municipal level? 

2) What are the actors involved in these processes at the municipal level? 

3) What are the tools available and used to engaging with SDG 5 at the municipal level?

Our research shows that the overarching obstacle to the implementation of SDG 5 on gender equality at level of local authorities in BIH is that the concept of SDGs has not been translated from state and entity levels to the level of local governance. A survey on the extent to which gender equity tools are utilised in the municipalities revealed that the most prominent tools are Local Gender Action Plans, disaggregating municipal data by gender, and establishment of Municipal Council Committees for Gender Equality. 

A research-based, policy relevant toolbox is developed, in which instruments and strategies for how to implement SDG 5 can be found. You can find it in the Policy brief: A toollbox for Local Governments to implement SDG#5 on Gender Equality