Tlokwe Inclusivity Disability Sector II

The two-year project aims to build capacity on local and regional level in order to start and develop daily activities for persons with mental and learning disability coming from the previously disadvantaged areas in Potchefstroom.

Today there is a problem that young adults with disabilities after finishing school have nowhere to go and they end up on the street vulnerable to abuse, excluded from the community. There is a lack of knowledge and capacity on how to organise and use daily activities as a mean to strengthen capacity and independency among the disabled persons as well as to increase the equity/inclusion of them into society.

Through a development project between Tlokwe and Växjö 2015 the aim has been worked out and the goal has been set. The project includes study visits, sharing of working methods, educational sessions, discussions, presentations and shadowing in order to build capacity so that Tlokwe can start up their own daily activities. Växjö sees that the cooperation can lead to self-examination, give the employees more energy and motivation into the work as well as new ideas, perspectives and possibilities on how to work with this group of people.