Kungsör and Rufunsa, Zambia

The partnership will address the issue of inequality in decision-making in public activities and more specifically at the municipal level. The UN Declaration of Human Rights emphasizes that all people should be given the opportunity to influence their country’s government. Our existing structures and systems for inviting engagement leads to older men still holding most positions of power. Although we in Sweden in some places have come a long way in distributing political leadership roles equally between women and men, we have a great challenge to pursue this and get a more relevant age distribution. According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, those under 18 must also be given the opportunity to have their voices heard in decision-making that concerns them. This challenge also exists in our partner municipality, Rufunsa in Zambia, where the difference between women and men is even greater.  Together, we believe that we can shape a rewarding project where our common interests are taken advantage of through the exchange of experience and new ideas for structures to enable more equality in power structures are born.