Horisontal Implementation of ESD

Today major changes and an adaption are required affecting all global citizens. 2015 is the year that many important decisions for the future should be taken, such as the new Global sustainability goals; SDGs which will affect all levels and individuals in a community. Knowledge and education are the most powerful tools for reducing poverty and creating more equal societies.

The project aims to increase skills at all levels in the local school system and to create a capacity to develop knowledge and methodologies and disseminating them in schools and kindergartens. The strategic plans for sustainability work need to be more targeted and possible to evaluate.

Umeå is also interested in taking part of the knowledge available in Cau Giay as the level of knowledge in Vietnam is higher than in Sweden in terms of mathematics and science, important components when it comes to ecological, economic and social sustainability. In Cau Giay there is a great need to educate key individuals and leaders in sustainability to enhance their own capacity work on sustainability and methods to work with schools, as well as with management and control on the political and strategic level. Global knowledge and global relationships accordingly strengthen the sustainability efforts at all levels.