Borås and Vracar – Serbia

Accessibility – organisation policy, structure and practice

Both municipalities want to improve their capacity to reach out to and get input from people with disabilities, since they feel they are stuck in the “old way” of getting and giving out information. This causes a risk to fail to include the perspectives of people with disabilities in policy-making that affects them. Lack of understanding of the needs of citizens with disability may mean that their rights are not respected.

This project aims to increase accessibility of information and services for the citizens with functional variation in the two towns, city of Borås and city municipality of Vracar. Both cities have been working with accessibility for many years. However, accessibility contains many different aspects and the partners have prioritized accessibility work in different ways. Now they want to learn from each other.

The objective for City municipality of Vracar is to be a good example showing that it is possible to implement structural change with the aim of receiving continuous feedback from different disability groups and person with disability living in the city with an improved implementation of universal design.