Call for National Mentors – Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo and Ukraine

ICLD is making a call for national mentors in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Ukraine for ICLD’s new “Network for Democratic Resilience.

This call presents an interesting opportunity for advocates of local democracy that are passionated to make a meaningful impact in safeguarding and enhancing democratic governance in these regions, even in challenging times. ICLD is dedicated to advancing democratic values and practices at the local level. Are you interested in joining us on this inspiring journey?  

The primary role of the mentor is to provide support to one or several teams of public officials, politicians, and civil society representatives from local governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, or Ukraine. These local governments, together with their Swedish counterparts, will form a network with an overarching focus on Democratic Resilience within local governance.

The goal of this network is to enhance the organisational capacity and resilience of municipalities, enabling them to safeguard and uphold democracy, the rule of law and human rights effectively during times of crisis, unrest and war. 

The mentor’s primary responsibilities include assisting teams in designing and implementing their problem-oriented projects. This assistance involves coaching, expertise, and the provision of practical tools and materials from the ICLD learning toolbox. The goal is to raise a deeper understanding of the importance of democratic practices and values in local governance among participants, including public officials, politicians, and civil society representatives, and how that builds societal resilience. For detailed information about the mentor’s role, please refer to the mentor’s handbook here

Each team will collaborate on the design and implementation of a project aimed at enhancing the capacity of local governments to uphold democratic principles in the face of threats and disruptions. This partnership network is formed on the foundations of peer-to-peer and problem-oriented learning., promoting alignment with ICLD’s core values of local democracy: equity, participation, transparency, and accountability.  

While the specific partnerships and project subjects are underway, ICLD is identifying Swedish municipalities interested in establishing partnerships with municipalities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Ukraine. This process is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. 

Qualifications and skills required 

  • Demonstrated experience in project planning, implementation, and monitoring. 
  • Expertise in change management, effective communication, and coaching. 
  • Deep knowledge of the national context and political structure of either Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, or Ukraine, particularly from a local governance perspective. 
  • Proficiency in local governance, human rights, and gender mainstreaming at the local level, along with a demonstrated track record in coaching, education, and peer-to-peer learning, with a particular emphasis on gender-related issues. 
  • Strong bilingual communication skills. You should be proficient in both English and the relevant local language. The specific language requirement will vary based on your chosen mentorship location, which could be Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Albanian, or Ukrainian.. 
  • Well-established connections, knowledge, and/or experience in local government or municipalities in the relevant country. 
  • Experience in an international context, such as training, work, or education, including with international cooperation. 

Job Description in short 

As an ICLD Mentor, your mission is to facilitate collaboration among municipalities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Ukraine, and Sweden. As a Mentor, you will:  

  • Act as the primary contact with ICLD and support the recruitment of municipalities either Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, or Ukraine to the programme. This includes actively reaching out to potential applicants, assisting with their enquiries, and providing guidance during the application process. 
  • Support one or more teams of public officials and potentially also politicians and civil society representatives from local governments from the relevant country.  
  • Participate in and provide support for the planning of Network meetings, held 1-2 times per year. 
  • Perform in-person team visits if required. 
  • Provide consultation and progress reports to ICLD programme officers throughout the duration of the contract. 
  • Support teams in their project processes by facilitating or co-facilitating trainings on local democracy, human rights, and resilient societies during or in between Network meetings, and collaborate with ICLD program officers to implement tools aimed at strengthening local democracy and resilient societies while actively participating in peer-to-peer and digital training sessions organized by ICLD. 
  • Provide up-to-date knowledge on implementation of initiatives to strengthen local democracy and empower local authorities. 
  • Help identify best practices and good results from the partnership projects. 

How to apply 

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV along with a letter of interest, which should include responses to the mentorship questions listed below, to, programme officer. Mark the email with “Mentor” and the relevant country.  

Short-listed candidates will be contacted on a rolling basis for video interviews. Deadline for the applications: 26 November 2023.  

Mentor Inquiry (Limit your responses to a maximum of 3500 characters) 

  1. Why did you choose to apply for the mentorship position? 
  1. Please share your past experiences involving local democracy. 
  1. From your perspective, what strengths and challenges do local governments in your context face when striving to promote equality and sustainability in local governance through a rights-based approach? 
  1. How do you intend to collaborate with the assigned teams to provide them with support?? 
  1. How can your expertise and background contribute to the successful implementation of sustainable and organizational changes within local governance? 
  1. Identify 3-6 local authorities in your region that excel in promoting citizen engagement and participation in local governance. Describe the impact of these efforts on public perception concerning citizen empowerment, accountability, transparency, trust, legitimacy, decision-making, government responsiveness, and overall fairness and inclusion. 

Conditions of Employment 

National Mentor in the Network for Democratic Resilience. 

Number of Mentors wanted in this call:     

1 – 2 mentors for 2-4 teams (consisting of 3 pers each) from Bosnia and Herzegovina.    

1 – 2 mentors for 2-4 teams (consisting of 3 pers each) from Kosovo. 

1 – 2 mentors for 2-4 teams (consisting of 3 pers each) from Ukraine.  

Duration of the contract: Starting 2024 with an annual extension possibility in 2025-2026.    

The total number of working hours and the corresponding remuneration for this assignment will be communicated once the selection process is finalized. The specific working hours and hourly rates, tailored to the country’s requirements, will be provided at that time.