Training of smoke diver instructors, trilateral cooperation Grodno – Motala – Vologda

The objective of the project is to reduce the risk of injury to firemen when they are smoke diving but also to reduce damage to the environment, property and victims involved in fires.

This will be the result when firemen have the ability to make their own risk assessments and learn how to fight fires with the maximal amount of efficiency and under high level of personal protection. The project is a development of the co-operation that has been established between the Fire- and rescue service Motala and the Fire department in Vologda region, Russia. Together these two parties can transfer the knowledge to a third party, in this case the fire department in Grodno, Belarus, but also to deepen the co-operation further.

As well as the direct effect of a higher competence for the firemen regarding firefighting this project will give a new understanding on global environmental issue and democracy.