Organisering och utveckling av daglig verksamhet

The two-year year project aims to increase knowledge about the formation of daily activity centers and strengthen the municipal organization in order for it to integrate individuals with disabilities so that they can to a larger extent participate in society as full citizens.

The target group is to be offered meaningful activities and occupation and be able to access a meeting place where they can receive support, safety and skills development. Therefore, the project takes its basis from the convention on the rights for people with disabilities, diversity and equal opportunities for all citizens. Relevant study visits have been conducted at daily activity centers, schools, non-profit organizations etc. In addition, SWOT-analyses, presentations and workshops have been concluded by the project participants.

In 10-15 years’ time, there will be several forms of daily activity centers to ensure the target group’s participation and occupational involvement in society. Departments and staff in the municipality have received education on issues concerning disabilities and will be able to handle these matters in a better way in order to meet and identify individuals’ need for services. Awareness in society and among citizens concerning the question has increased and contributed to more positive attitudes.