LYPP (Local Youth Policy Program)

The overall project objective is to increase young people’s democratic influence.

Today there is a democratic deficit of the two parties and they find it difficult to get young people to want to get involved in local democracy. To achieve this, it should be carried out a survey on site in HCM where young people are asked how they feel about their everyday lives, the answers must be analyzed by a scientist. The project will demonstrate that this survey is ONE way to work with youth issues. When the project is completed as the HCM had access to our way of working with these issues and ability to continue working to increase young people’s democratic influence.

Within the project, the goal is to obtain a political action plan regarding youth issues.

In the implementation of the survey, a number of problem areas will be identified. The survey responses will be analyzed and the analysis leading up to the action plan, which will include proposals for action on the problems that have been identified. Another goal is to get to a collaboration between the various political actors in HCM regarding youth issues, this collaboration is currently non-existent. Furthermore, three seminars will be held to show what resource young people is in the local decision making and the creation of a youth council in HCM.