Women’s empowerment through development of local democracy

The objective of the project, which is a collaboration between Piteå and Chinsali Municipality in Zambia, is that: Officials and elected representatives in Chinsali have the capacity to involve women in the development of local democracy.

When the three-year project is completed, the Municipality should have developed methods to involve women in development, and that the elected politians should have decided on a 3-year action plan for the development of local democracy and where special attention is given to women.

In a long term we want the project to contribute to:
Women’s participation in municipal development programs, there are female councilors in the municipality, the municipality is characterized by openness and accountability, that residents have a positive attitude to participate in municipal affairs, that residents are willing to pay for municipal services and that poverty has decreased.

To achieve this, the project has three short term objectives:

  • The officials and elected representatives have the experience and knowledge of women’s ability to participate
  • The municipality operates at least one local women’s project that help to develop relevant methods to develop women’s participation
  • The municipality has involved women in developing a system for citizens to express their views and for the municipality to take care of them.