Social Inclusion 2.0 – Network for Impaired Youth Access to Culture & Sports

The international cooperation work “Social Inclusion 2.0 – Network for access of young people with disabilities to culture and sports” is a project that implements the pre-study carried out by our partnership on how especially vulnerable groups in Chobe District in northern Botswana are included in the society more than before. The project focuses on a special school, the Katchikau Special Unit School, which will act as a national “best practice” if the project is successful.

Our strategy is to make the disabled people’s rights visible from a human rights perspective. This will be achieved through motivational actions at local level and by mobilizing NGO’s to participate in these people’s everyday life. At the same time we will together with Chobe District Council establish functions within their administration for enhanced inclusion and accessibility with the human rights perspective as foundation.
The project period is of three years, which is the time we deem necessary considering the complicated nature of this issue, the number of activities and time necessary to implement changes, especially in attitude and behaviours.

Aligned with the development work in Chobe District Council several analogous development processes are operating in the municipality of Vänersborgs. During this period the project will therefore include a number of joint elements and the partnership continues to be characterised by a considerable reciprocity.