School Development Project (upper pre-and sec level)

The collaborating project between Vara and Srikakulam concerns the development of didactic and pedagogical methodology within the field of mathematics in the two municipalities.

The executed inception phase established a memorandum where declined results in mathematics in Vara, together with a high level of school “drop outs” in Srikakulam formed the foundation of the proposed project. The teachers and school managers in the two municipalities saw the confiding relations, as a great possibility to collaborate on educational/didactic issues, developing teaching methods and approaches in the schools and municipalities.

The project objectives are:

  • That through the teacher’s network develops methods of observation, appreciative dialogues, supervision and action-research in order to reach better quality in the interaction between teacher-student in mathematics.
  • That a higher number of students in Vara reaches better scores at the National Tests in mathematics as a result of the project.
  • That a higher proportion of students in Srikakulam stay longer in education as a result of the partnership work.

In general the project also aims at deepen, broaden and further develop the mutual relations between the municipalities. Knowledge and understanding of the respective cultures, school conditions are hopefully going to be further increased for the benefit of the target groups within the two municipalities.