Kibaha Solid Waste Project (KSWP)

Kibaha Town Council (KTC) and Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) in collaboration with the Region Gotland are working to improve waste management in Kibaha Town, an increased public awareness of waste in order to achieve such as reduced litter, increased collection of waste, improved safety, increased waste sorting and recycling.

The overall project objective: Kibaha Town Council works actively to promote a sustainable waste management in which examples of development and improvement areas are: working environment, collection, disposal of waste into recycling or disposal, and increased awareness among community members. 

Project purpose: Kibaha Town Council carries out simple steps to improve the current collection system and enhance the collection of waste.

Staff is also given the opportunity for skills development and opportunities for recycling and disposal of waste are studied. KTC is also working to increase awareness of waste by participation and simple information campaigns, which can increase collection and reduce problems with litter and contribute to a cleaner urban environment / surroundings. Special risks associated with hazardous waste should be considered in the work and opportunities for collection of hazardous waste for separate disposal should be investigated.