Education development, primary and secondary level

Makunduchi Wards Committee (MWC) and The Municipality of Sundsvall are eager to partake in a Municipal Partnership, starting with a 2-year project on education at primary and secondary level. Makunduchi Wards have limited resources and capacity to support and develop their area, with many pressing needs in the civil society. As a result, Makunduchi Wards Committee also lacks social capital. One of the most important aspects to improve living conditions is earning a quality education. 

This project aims at increasing capacity for the Wards Committee, and in turn increases their social capital in the area so that educational development can take place.

Education is a national responsibility in Zanzibar and the ambitions and activities to increase the opportunities for all children are extensive, but so far actions at the national level have not made any change in Makunduchi. In their development plan (ZEDP), Zanzibar Education Development Programme, the national level acknowledges that cooperation with the local levels is important. In Sundsvall, there is also a strong need to provide learning conditions so the results can improve, especially for boys. At the same time Sundsvall municipality is struggling to find more efficient ways to use their financial resources, to increase student’s results.