Development of Lüderitz Sewage Treatment Plant

This partnership project is aimed at addressing environmental and climate management issues.

The main purpose of the project is to explore how the waste water plant in Lüderitz, Namibia, can be developed through finding specific methods for using the sludge as an energy source and for re-using the treated water.

The project is in the first year of implementation and as a part of the education of the future staff of the plant, and to ensure a good quality of both the treated water and the produced sludge the intentions of the project is also to achieve methods for process optimization.

In the arid climate in Namibia every ounce of water is valuable. Re-use of treated waste water without any risk for causing diseases due to spreading of pathogens, is the optimal goal.

In the project, focus will be on three main parts:

  • Energy from sludge and treatment for sludge due to re-use
  • Re-use of treated waste water
  • Routines for process optimization within the plant.