Awareness III – Local Sustainable Marin Food

The City of Malmö recently adopted the new Global Goals For Sustainable Development and made a commitment to implement them on a local level. This project also has an aim to promote partnerships between “North and South” which is in line with the goal “Partnerships for the goals” (no. 17).

This project specifically focuses on goal no 14 “Life Below Water” where the objective is to conserve and sustainably use the oceans and marine resources for sustainable development and also act upon goal number 1 “No Poverty”.

In Swakopmund, there is limited availability of locally caught fish, seafood and algae, although there is good access in the sea and many people find it difficult to get hold of cheap and nutritious food. There is also little knowledge about the sea and marine life and great need for environmental education. At the moment it’s not allowed for individuals to sell their own catch. The municipality lacks regulatory documents in this matter and knowledge how to address these issues for citizens adequately.

This project is linked with the Steering Group, previously approved (ref no 2015-0045) and should be seen as a part of the cooperation with Urban Gardening (already granted) and Renewable Energy (applied).