Actionplan for utilizing rice waste

Piteå Municipality and An Giang Province has been cooperating since 2011 when we carried out an inception phase which led to “Piteå An Giang- sustainable municipalities.

The base for the ongoing project is the district of Chau Thanh where one part is to make a “Rice waste to energy plan”. In meetings with the target groups at both provincial and district levels in the ongoing project, lack of an activity plan was often mentioned. 

The main problem in our application comes from an urgent need where our project can contribute to turn An Giang into a Green province as there is no master plan on biomass energy at the provincial level. 

There are several activities in Chau Thanh district such as

  • capacity building on rice husk to energy
  • survey the cultivation model and energy use demand from farmer – rice mills, rice dryer
  • acknowledgement of different stakeholders including local authorities and communities on biomass energy.

However, there is no action plan focus on turning rice waste to energy. An action plan which will contribute to how rice by-products can improve the life quality of poor rice communities and directions for the organization level to implement the action plan.