Jönköping and Stellenbosch, South Africa

Human Rights for future

The project Human Rights for future is a project within the frame of a larger pilot project from ICLD to start Municipal partnership with a focus on human rights issues. The current project is applying for an inception phase in order to lay the ground for a collaboration between Jönköping municipality in Sweden and Stellenbosch municipality in South Africa. The two municipalities were matched by ICLD who also had common interest and connections through university contacts. The contacts between the two municipalities have been established a few months ago and some of the areas that will be explored for the cooperation are accessibility among others. Jönköping municipality who has been working with sustainability for many years, has been wanting to develop a municipal partnership for a long time. A municipal partnership is a great opportunity to share and exchange knowledge about human rights using Agenda 2030 as a base. Since this is part of a larger pilot project run by ICLD, there is a lot of support from ICLD to develop these projects. Several seminars have been organised in order to offer support to all the Swedish and African municipalities involved in the pilot. A digital plattform has also been made available for sharing among the partners from both countries. This creates a stronger sense of belonging and sharing which will be positive for the future developments. Due to Covid-19, it is unclear if the site visit planned in Africa in late September will be taking place. Nonetheless, it is very important for the future long term project that the site visits will take place eventually. The goal is to carry out a preparatory project during one year where 2 activities/study visits to each other will be conducted starting in the fall 2021. Both activities will be carefully planned on each side to introduce each other to staff and the organisation. It will also be during the site visits that most of the work will be conducted to establish the goals and the focus for the long term project application. This will allow to discuss common interests and discuss in which areas the collaboration will be developed.  The goal will be to apply for a 3-year project for a municipal partnership and send the application in the fall or the winter 2022 deadline. Covid-19 and travel restrictions may of course delay the plans, but efforts to keep the deadlines will be made. The municipalities will jointly prepare the 3-year implementation project that will benefit both organizations. Various stakeholders, such as university, civil society and other groups in society will be involved in some parts of the project to participate and help to define the frame and  structure of the project.