New partnership: Karlskrona and Saldanha Bay

We congratulate Saldanha Bay Local Municipality and Karlskrona Municipality on their newly established municipal partnership. The two municipalities will work on involving youth in democratic processes, with a focus on climate issues. The partnership is part of ICLD’s Climate network.

-Through this project, we aim to involve the local youth community in local government strategies on the natural environment, the SDGs, and the impact of climate change. At the end of this project, local youth, destined to become future leaders, must understand their role in ensuring a sustainable future,” says Rene Tosie, Senior Manager at Saldanha Bay municipality and a participant in the municipal partnership.

ICLD wishes both communities the best of luck, and we look forward to following the partnership project.

Sustainable Development Goals
13 - Climate action
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Saldanha Bay Local Municipality
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