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This page is for ICLD’s current mentors and for those interested in becoming mentors in the future. Here you can find ICLD’s mentors’ handbook and other useful tools to help you in your work.

A mentor for ICLD is an experienced professional who is an expert in the programme theme and has an in-depth knowledge of the local context and culture of the participants they are mentoring. Being a mentor allows you to share your experience and network, to contribute to the development of a team´s local community, and to stay connected to ICLD. The programmes are designed for mentors to help participants develop a “change project.” Once a participant or team is partnered up with a mentor, they will meet between 4 to 6 times a year (on average). ICLD regularly recruits new mentors with solid experience, skills and a desire to make a difference.

Listen to Danny Chibida about the benefits of being an ICLD mentor:

Meet our mentors Teopolina, Danny, Anna, Mariia, John, Deon and Toan

Teopolina Namandje

Mentor Namibia

Danny Chibinda

Mentor Zambia

Anna Kebadze

Mentor Georgia

Mariia Tyshchenko

Mentor Ukraine

Deon Pretorius

Mentor South Africa

John Gitonga

Mentor Kenya

Canh Toan Vu, an ICLD mentor

Canh Toan Vu

Mentor Vietnam

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