Network for Democratic Resilience

ICLD is launching a new network for municipal partnerships in Europe: the Network for Democratic Resilience. Selected partnerships of Swedish and European municipalities, primarily in Ukraine, Bosnia & Hercegovina and Kosovo, will be collaborating on common challenges, promoting knowledge exchange, and fostering sustainable change.

The network has garnered significant interest of Swedish municipalities and regions, particularly concerning cooperation with Ukrainian municipalities. During the autumn we have held monthly, well-attended information meetings. In December, a kick-off event in Visby brought together the participating Swedish municipalities .

The thematic focus will allow the participants to position their respective projects under the joint umbrella of safeguarding and strengthening democratic institutions and practices to increase societal resilience. The formally launch of the network will be in January 2024.

In mid-December, a kickoff meeting was held within the new ICLD network Democratic Resilience, which gathers partnership collaborations between Swedish municipalities and municipalities in Ukraine, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo: Maria Jansson

ICLD Network

Municipal partnerships strengthen local democracy, empower marginalized voices, increase female representation, and enhance transparency. With multiple partnerships in the network for democratic resilience, education, mentorship, and access to related research will improve the readiness and adaptability of participating municipalities to democratic principles and institutions in times of threats and crises. More about ICLD networks

Sustainable Development Goals
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