Lessons learnt from Inclusive Political Leadership programme

The second cohort of ICLD programme “Inclusive Political Leadership” has come to an end. 35 elected politicians local or regional assemblies, local government official and civil society from Botswana, Kenya, Namibia and Zambia has during the last digital workshop consolidate their learning, share the results of their respective change projects and to discuss key takeaways.

We asked one of the participants, Naomi Wanjiku Mirithu, Director municipal administration and urban development in Kiambu, Kenya, of her experience and what she has learnt from the programme.

Naomi Wanjiku Mirthu, participants of ICLD training programme Inclusive political Leadership.

How was it for you to be part of this program?
“The program was very informative, I enjoyed interacting with colleagues from other teams and learning/benchmarking from them. The ICLD team and our mentor were very supportive making it easy for us to finetune our change project to be more implementable to achieve desired results.”

What have you learned during these months and what are you bringing with you to your professional context ?

“I have learned that I can achieve a lot with very little resources. In the absence of sufficient sponsorship to facilitate community engagement we had to go back to the drawing board and find activities that require the least funding but still achieve results. I have learnt how to practice transparency accountability and especially inclusivity in my daily interaction with colleagues. Also presentation skills, how to engage the participants and keep them interested throughout the presentation. Learning something about my audience to create/captivate personal attention”.

– I would most definately recommend this programme to other colleagues!  Some of them dealing with gender issues were very interested and I hope they will be successful with their applications, says Naomi Wanjiku Mirithu.