Extended Call for papers on Rebel Cities

Theme – Rebel Cities: Local Government and Global Challenges beyond 2030

Around the world, cities and local government face some of the toughest challenges of the 21st century. Whether this is the increasingly pernicious effects of climate change, growing migration to urban centers, poverty, refugee crises, or the inclusion of immigrant/migrant communities, localities often bear the brunt of the effects from these global issues. Local leaders, both within and outside of government, increasingly must seek innovative, sustainable solutions, either because of federal/national/supranational inaction or action that in fact exacerbates these problems. The complexity and multidimensionality of these global challenges requires research that focuses on local responses and indigenous solutions in pursuit of the global commitment to ‘leave no-one behind’. In some cases, local government may seek to improve or expand upon federal/national/supranational responses to crises, while in others they may directly challenge these approaches as they seek to chart a path forward that will reduce conflict in their communities. Cities must not only seek to be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable (SDG 11) but also to develop institutions that are effective and accountable at all levels (SDG 16). These “rebel cities” are becoming a model of the steps that can be taken locally to address global problems and in this special issue we aim to draw upon some of the top scholarship across disciplines and around the world to analyze and scrutinize how local communities have responded.

Those interested should send an abstract of 300 words which highlights the importance, methodology, findings, and recommendations of their research to the editing team: Benjamin Gonzalez O’Brien, Angeline Kanyisa Sithole, Ana-Maria Vargas, and Gareth Wall via Emma Olofsson at emma.olofsson@icld.se by 5th December 2019.

Expression of interest should be sent to emma.olofsson@icld.se by 25th November 2019 with a tentative paper title.

Tentative dates

25th November 2019 expression of interest
5th December 2019 submission of abstracts
15th December 2019 invite for full paper submission
31st January 2019 full paper due
15th February 2020 internal peer review deadline
15th March 2020 revised draft submission
30th May 2020 journal peer review
31st July 2020 revised draft for copy editing
31st August 2020 final draft

Call for papers on Rebel Cities