10 Master’s Students conduct field studies on three continents for ICLD

Ten master’s students studying at Swedish universities are awarded ICLD Fieldwork Grant for 2023. The students will conduct field studies in Ghana, India, Kenya, Kosovo, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda during the spring of 2023. 

Back in November 2022, the students participated in an introductory workshop at Lund University where they presented their proposals to receive feedback on how to further sharpen their research. The workshop was also an opportunity to get to know ICLD, learn how their research ties to local democracy, and how it may be relevant for local governments. 

The students will be travelling to Ghana, India, Kenya, Kosovo, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. Three projects outside ICLD’s partner countries have been accepted due to the opportunity to generate knowledge on topics that are relevant for ICLD partners. 

The students’ research projects connect to ICLD’s core values of equity, participation, transparency and accountability. They cover relevant themes such as human rights, waste management, and development cooperation. Each thesis shall contribute to the understanding of how local democracy and local governance can contribute to achieving sustainable development and poverty reduction. 

We wish the students the very best as they proceed with their fieldwork and data collection. 

The recipients are:

Michal Piatkowski, Lund University, Development Studies. “Post-development theory versus development assistance in practice: qualitative analysis of the ICLD’s activity in Tanzania in the eyes of local stakeholders” (Tanzania)

Kwadwo Wiredu Amponsem, Lund University, Development Studies. “A promise of change? Rethinking democracy and social-development; A case study of streetism in Ghana” (Ghana)

Nora Mårtensson, University of Gothenburg, International Administration and Global Governance. “The Possibilities and Challenges in integrating Gender Responsive Budgeting in Local Governments-A Case Study of Water and Sanitation Budgets in the City of Cape Town” (South Africa)

Sahana Subramanian, Lund University, Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science. “The removal of unfreedoms through labour: A study of Kerala’s Ayyankali Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme” (India)

Martin Nkurunungi, University of Gothenburg, Social Work and Human Rights. “Civil Society and Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Uganda; a Case Study of Civil Society Organizations in Central Uganda” (Uganda)

Michael Fubu Ngubu, Lund University, Development Studies. “I Scratch your back; you scratch my back!  – Understanding individual political clientelism and the influence of tribal institutions on vote buying in Zambian politics” (Zambia) 

Jamila Gysin, Lund University, Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science. “Governance of hydropower in Kosovo and its implications for nature and people” (Kosovo)

Sauda Luzze, Södertörn University, Economics. “They have officially banned plastic bags in Kenya: A study of the consumer and producer perception of the plastic bag ban in Kenya” (Kenya)

Carina Martens & Sophie Berstermann, Lund University, International Development and Management. “The plight of the pangolin: Key patterns enabling illegal wildlife trade of the Temminck’s Pangolin in Namibia – a multi perspective case study” (Namibia)

For more information about the grant and how to apply, please check ICLD’s page for the Fieldwork Grant