Växjö and An Giang, Vietnam

Project: Sustainable water management (Blue Vietnam)

An Giang province in Vietnam and the Municipality of Växjö in Sweden, have implemented several partnership projects since 2010.

This time, the partners have identified water management as the most relevant area for further cooperation and have in a thorough stakeholder and problem analysis prepared an implementation project that is beneficial for both parties.

Surface water is in abundance in both cities, but is partially of lacking quality. In Long Xuyen city – a new waste water system is now under construction. In Växjö, there is a constant need of renovation and improvements of the existing water systems. The function of the water infrastructure and how this affect surrounding surface water, will influence everyone in the city – directly or indirectly.

Sustainable water management is a challenge, not only in our cities but all around the globe.

This three-year long (2019-2021) project aims to build capacity and focus on preparing an integrated water management plan for Long Xuyen-city and in different ways raise awareness among key-stakeholders about the importance of working towards better water quality as well as finding ways to motivate them to do so.

Find out more about the parnerships impact in this video