Västernorrland and Mombassa, Kenya

Project: Promoting sustainable consumption and waste management

This project between Mombasa and Västernorrland seeks to improve the capacity of the two organizations to achieve a more sustainable consumption pattern and solid waste management.

Mombasa and Västernorrland initated their partnership in 2013. Following their previous project, Building capacity to address literacy challenges and enhance democratic engagement in Västernorrland and Mombasa, Mombasa and Västernorrland are renewing their partnership around a project focused on sustainability. This 3-year project adressing topics on sustainability aims to strengthen the organizations capacity-building to address civic societies involvement through dialogue platforms, educational initiatives and reviews of regulatory documents to promote an enhanced citizen participation.

The project Promoting sustainable consumption and waste management by civic engagement and enhanced capacity building will contribute increased knowledge and enhanced civic engagement in decision-making processes regarding sustainable consumption and waste management. By means of citizen participation and inclusion, it will also contribute increased knowledge on democratic procedures and strategies as well as develop adequate infrastructures for waste management.

The overall objectives of the project are:
– Increased civic contentment and trust for the administration
– Cleaner, healthier and safer environment
– Sustainable consumption patterns and behaviours
– More efficient waste management
– A more included civil society for the benefit of the environment, local influence and democracy
– More educated workforce for the benefit of civil society and environment

Project Area
Environment/Climate change
Sustainable Development Goals
12 - Responsible consumption and production13 - Climate action
Swedish partner
Region Västernorrland
International partner
Mombasa County Government