Resident Dialogue 2.0

The short-term aim of this project is to develop an existing partnership related to residents’ dialogues between the municipalities Jinan and Västerås. It means meeting residents’ needs and continuously improve efficiency and availability with focus on Contact Centre and Hotline12345, the single point of entry for residents who want to contact Västerås and Jinan, respectively.

Jinan is developing an international standard for contact centres, where different aspects are addressed. Västerås contributes with views on democracy and participation, perspectives from our core values – always the best possible interaction, creativity, diversity, openness and inclusion.

One of the goals of Contact Centre is to provide equal quality of service regardless of the recipient. The long-term goal of the project is to find new solutions for change, development and renewal of the municipalities’ work to maintain confidence and trust between the community and residents. The participation of the residents is crucial. Similarities and differences are strengths: the size, handling of big data and systematics of Jinan and the focus on soft values such as inclusion, creativity and openness of Västerås, as the two cities try to meet residents’ needs.

The aim of the project is to develop an international standard for contact centres/hotlines.