Social integration of children and young adults with disabilities in Vitebsk region

The project objective is to increase the knowledge about and understanding for children and young adults with disabilities in society – both on a individual and structural level – that all education/work and occupational actives is positive regardless of the conditions. The main focus will be on strategic influence in society in general, and education for them who will work directly with families with children and young adults with disabilities.

The long term of the project will be to increase the living conditions and break the isolation for children and young adults in Vitebsk region, Belarus. Except for enhancing the contact between the organizations and key persons that are important for the target group have our partner pointed out important areas to increase the project.

  • Development and coordination of social centers, social centers already exist today and have a great importance for the targets group as well as the groups that works with them. The centers have an important function when in comes to occupational work and as a meeting point. To further enhance and coordinate this centers we want to create a stable platform for the work with the target group
  • Long term informational work directed to municipalities, organizations, private and state owned companies, citizens and young people with disabilities and their parents.
  • Educations and exchange of experience, for social workers and parents etc.
  • Support systems within the families, round table conferences for parents, study visits and information from the department of children and youth
  • Employment/occupational work. Information about supported employment method.
  • (Supported employment is a general term for a specific type of work rehabilitations for people with disabilities
  • Cooperation sustainability. It is important to create a clear vision how the future looks when it comes to technical and organizational solutions., to involve the target group in decisions making, coordination’s of cooperation between organizations involved and municipalities. We will also introduce the methods of a special interviewing techniques
  • Housing support