Kibaha Water Management Project

To cooperate with Kibaha Town Council (KTC) and Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) to achieve a sustainable water supply in Kibaha Education Centre (operational, maintenance and servicing) and a functioning water supply in the village Msangani.

The overall project objective: People and institutions within the KEC have a fully functioning water supply with operation of the procedures for billing of water charges and payment of costs. The facilities are operated and maintained by a well-functioning management, or private contractor. The people in Msangani, (KTC) have access to water at a walking distance not exceeding 400 m. The plants are operated and maintained by a well-functioning water group / committee, or private contractor.

Project purpose:

  • The water system at KEC has a supply of water to a lower cost per m3 than today. Water losses have been reduced from over 50 % to 25 % of delivered water quantity. KEC has an efficient management of finance, operations and maintenance of their water systems.
  • Msangani village has a facility for the distribution of water to the residents completed to at least 50 % of the final constructions. Msangani village has an ongoing training of a local water committee