The right to health in Uganda – addressing the tension between duty bearers and rights holders to acheive equitable health

This scenario highlights the health inequities in Uganda’s healthcare system. It brings out the contention and tension between claim holders (claimants of rights) and duty bearers (guarantors of rights) in a resource-constrained reality.

It is intended to help learners appreciate how a potential tension may appear or be conceptualized by both sides. It is also intended to invite leaders to re-imagine how they might diffuse such human rights tensions while protecting the right to health for all.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this scenario participants/learners will be able to:

• Appreciate the disparities in the enjoyment of the Right to Health between the different sections of the population in their jurisdiction.
• Articulate practical ways how they would work to guarantee the right to health for everyone especially the most disadvantaged in their communities.
• Examine the opportunities within the country’s legal framework to guarantee the right to health.
• Identify appropriate actions to reclaim the right to health for all persons regardless of their social economic status