Växjö and JB Marks, South Africa

Projekt: Efficient and Responsive Traffic Planning  

The new project focuses on the promotion of road safety by increasing the mobility for children, minorities, underrepresented groups, and the socety as a whole. The project streaches over three years and is based on the SDG no 11. Sustainable cities and communities.  

The aim with the partnership and the project on effective and responsive traffic planning is to twofold. One is to increase the municipalities capacities in planning and implementing policies relating to urban planning and road safety. The other objective is to increase the municipalities organisational capacity in transparency and finding new methods in acquiring and sharing information with the citizens. By increasing these capacities, the municipality will enhance their ability to work with the participation of minority group and will increase their voices and perspective in relation to urban planning.  

Women, children, and families from low-income families are the main target groups of the project. In a preparatory phase these stakeholders have been identified because the traffic planning and transportation planning are lacking the perspectives of children and women movement in the public sphere. By addressing the promotion of road safety from their perspectives it will also benefit the society as a whole.