Tourism development in Jinja

The project aim is to increase the tourism in Jinja. Both men and women are active in this sector, hence affected. Women often make food or handicraft and men often work as guards and drivers. Both men and women will participate in the workshops on how to develop the tourism; they will have an improved economy, access to training and having their voices heard when participating in the workshops.

Jinja has a history as an industrial town, but there was a shift in macro economic conditions in the country where by Kampala city has taken over as the industrial capital and Jinja is the second leading in the country. Tourism is a new and first sector in Jinja, but it needs to be boosted as an alternative economic locomotive for the municipality.

This project will build capacity skills in better planning and development for the growth of tourism in Jinja. Even though the group of project members is limited, all departments will be active during the visits to Jinja and the activities during the visit to Skellefteå will be well documented to allow for spreading the information.